If you are looking for inspiration about how to simplify your life, succeed at everything you do, stay motivated, and most importantly enjoy yourself, then you’ve come to the right place.

Living completely is about how to overcome challenges in life that cross our path and simply, live your life. Challenges don’t have to create a problem for us, they can motivate us to tackle whatever that challenge may be. Don’t overcomplicate. Throughout life you will fail and you will succeed, but in order to succeed you must learn from your mistakes and start over, instead of giving up. Never settle, keep going!

If you are feeling uninspired, overwhelmed, down, or feel your life has no purpose I know how you feel. I have been there. Having been diagnosed with depression is challenging and something that will drain you completely. I have tried anti-depressants and psychologist to overcome it, but then realized in order to overcome it, its all about you. A mental disorder doesn’t have to be challenging, you just have to change the way you think and feel and live the life you imagine and not live it for anyone else.

I’m Lauren Horrell and I started this website to share my story and help you live your life to the fullest potential through what I have learned over the years. I am 23 years old who recently graduated from UNC Charlotte with a bachelors degree in psychology. I have brother who is my best friend. I have a passion for dogs and kids. I started my own petting sitting business called Care4Fur. I nanny and coach club volleyball. Staying busy keeps you from over thinking and creating problems that don’t exist. Helping people throughout my days give me happiness and I hope to continue that path with you.