Is College Necessary? Maybe….Maybe Not

March 9, 2017 0 Comments

If I could do it all over again, I would skip the college route and, instead, spend those years working on something meaningful. In my opinion, college isn’t always necessary. It can be a colossal waste of time and money. Now, don’t get me wrong I have nothing against college. In fact, I encourage you to go if you want to specialize in a field like, becoming a doctor, lawyer, nurse…you get the picture. But, I am talking about people who just went to college to go because it seemed like the right thing to do. If you didn’t go it was almost like you committed a crime. You are looked at as someone who will never be successful. It’s almost like college is forced on everyone. 

I was the girl in college who lived on campus for a semester..maybe not even, then I moved back home and commuted every day. I’m pretty sure I changed my major 5 times because I never knew what I really wanted to do. They tell you your first year in college you don’t have to declare your major until your junior year. Well, that’s a load of shit. In order to graduate on time you HAVE to declare your major your freshman year or you won’t graduate on time. So plan on graduating in 5 or 6 years. But really…it takes 6 years to get a Bachelors degree now. They do that for more money. Funny how they do that. I remember there was one time I wanted to go to nursing school but got rejected. I was basically told I wasn’t “smart” enough. So I had to change my major which resulting in more time in college and more money put into it. That was the day I changed my perspective on college. Being told you can’t pursue something you want is wrong in my eyes. 

That is the problem with college. Many people go to college to get a degree in a field they’ve always dreamed of or just because they have to and then are told they can’t because they don’t have a certain GPA or some other crap. Then what do you do? You have to pick another major “just because” or you take bullshit classes to bring your GPA up. Oh and spend more money. It starts to feel like you’re never going to graduate. It’s a joke. 

Another problem with college is you have to take pre-requisite courses. Let me just say, none of those classes pertained to anything I wanted to do. Nor did I have a bit of interest in them. So, what is the point behind them? I have no clue. Maybe money. In fact, I don’t think they should exist…UNLESS you are interested in that material and they are for your degree. Why would a nursing student need to learn about the Romans?  

The lessons taught in college are impractical. Yeah professors can teach you some useful information but honestly what they teach you they took directly from the book. I’m sorry, but last time I checked I’m pretty sure I could read. Sitting in classes that don’t expand your knowledge is a waste of time. I know I didn’t go to class just to listen to a professor read word from word out of the book or off a powerpoint. They don’t teach you the necessary skills needed to be successful in the real world. Instead, they want to teach you about stuff that is half the time, pointless. This is why many eventually get bored with college and drown more in debt.

The whole idea that you need to go to school and get in debt in order to get a job to get you out of debt is insane. Not every young person is suited to four years of college. They may be bright and ambitious but they won’t get much out of it. They’d rather be doing something else, like making money, but, they feel compelled to go to college because they’ve been told over and over that a college degree is necessary. Therefore, many aren’t even aware that there are other ways to find work that you care about other than looking through a catalog of majors and sitting in lecture hall.

Ultimately, life is all about growth and improvement and to develop yourself by taking on challenging experiences that you’re deeply interested in. Don’t get turned down to do something you’ve always wanted. Just because one person told you no doesn’t mean you can’t make it again still. Yes, I was rejected from nursing but there are a million paths to take to get there. Do I use my degree today? No, I don’t. I have decided to become an entrepreneur and work for a company doing what I enjoy. Too often graduates land a job after graduation only to realize that their degree isn’t worthwhile or getting a job that doesn’t even require a degree. That can be a tough pill to swallow knowing you wasted 4 or so years getting that degree when you could have been doing something more meaningful with your time. It’s time to give up the concept that every young person needs to go to college in order to be successful. Get in the mind frame of doing more of what makes you happy and what you REALLY want to do. 

Lauren Horrell