How To Spot Real Opportunity

March 7, 2017 0 Comments

The wise William Arthur Ward once spoke the words, “Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.” Opportunities that are presented to you are there for a short moment and then they are gone. Don’t wait around for an imaginary perfect time to seize an opportunity. When a opportunity presents itself you have to go with it and know what to do. We are rarely presented with the same exact opportunity day after day. Some opportunities are big and some are small but, regardless, opportunities are all special and important in their own ways.

Now….the caveat to this. Yes, I get that opportunities you are presented with can be exciting BUT you have to understand how to tell a good opportunity from a waste of time. What I mean is, have the ability to identify a worthwhile one. In our society, this seems to occur in many inexperienced entrepreneurs and new professionals. They tend to jump on the first opportunity they are presented with. That was me. I understand. I was offered a full time nanny position. It seemed great and I loved kids. I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity. Well, about a month or so into the job I was falling apart. I soon came to realize that they didn’t just hire me on as their nanny, they wanted me to be their maid too. That’s when I realized I felt like I was being taken advantage of. So, I had a heart to heart with myself, told myself I deserved better and quit. The moral of the story is people will sugar coat everything in the beginning to make it seem like the best opportunity ever but a couple weeks, months into the job your views have flipped. You realized it’s not what you signed up for and it sucks. It’s part of life though, it happens every day. It’s up to you to learn how to spot real opportunity. 

Having said that, any seasoned businessman will tell you the secret to success is not taking every opportunity that presents itself. Let’s say you have a great job and are presented with an opportunity to work for another company that’s in the same industry. The difference is the new company will pay you a little more than what you’re making now, nothing major. At your current company, the owner and you go way back, you’re best friends. You had surgery and he gave you as much time as you needed to recover. You didn’t have to wake up super early, you didn’t have set times for a work day, just get your work done, be prepared and show up on time for meetings. Your pay was determined by your performance. Meaning, you were paid on every signed contract you got and closed. You made great money. But now, having been presented with this other offer you’re not sure what to do. You take a couple of days to think about it and you decide you’re going to accept the new offer. You tell the owner OVER TEXT it’s been the hardest decision of your life and that you took it because it would be consistent pay, but nothing else.

Now I know you are probably thinking consistent pay is good and I am crazy. But, let me explain further. Yes consistent pay is great, but if you work for a company that pays you on your performance why would you not work your ass off and make more than maybe a salary position elsewhere waiting for a promotion?? The problem is this whole “everyone gets a trophy” mentality is out of control. Working for a company that pays based on performance drives people nuts because they aren’t rewarded for every single thing they do. Heck people believe they should be rewarded for showing up to work or answering a phone call. Thousands fail to realize the endless opportunities in working for a company who pays based on performance. It requires determination and hard work every day. That is with any job though. If you go into your salary position every day and don’t do shit then I’m pretty sure they are going to fire you. I understand some opportunities we are presented with are harder than others but being able to identify if it’s worthwhile and seeing the big picture is what counts. 

To finish off, by putting yourself in the right mindset to spot real opportunities, then there will always be more to follow. No one is going to tell you whether or not you should accept an opportunity or not. You have to have confidence in yourself to know you are doing the right thing and not make excuses for doing something else. By you making excuses it shows you aren’t confident in your decision. If you want success in life you have to have ambition to do so. Don’t give up something good you already have because you are lazy. Good things come with determination and hard work. If you keep accepting every opportunity thrown your way how will you ever know if it was good or not?Remember, once you give up something good, you may never get it back. There are endless opportunities every day, you just have to have the ability to determine a real one from a waste of time.

March 6, 2017

Lauren Horrell